Interior Design by Barbara Pervier, north of Boston,in Salem, MA

Small rooms in old houses can present challenges, but Pervier’s design creates a sensibility that’s anything but cramped or fusty. With a personality far more expansive than its square footage, her home is a lovely showcase for her antique furniture, art and well-loved collections.

“To guide me, I used the memory of how it felt the first time I stepped into this room,” Pervier says as she snuggles into a fireside wing chair upholstered in creamy white linen. “I walked to the windows and looked out at the Common, the trees, people walking and the beautiful old buildings. I resolved to always focus on the view.”

In service to that view, she painted the living room walls a color she describes as soft blue-gray-green. “This shade of blue brings the sky in from outside,” she says. “It’s very soothing and makes for a feeling of openness.” The hue is a first for her. “I like blue, but before this I never had blue walls,” she confesses.

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